Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson, My Cousin

We had a presentation explained to us from Kris, who is an architect, and is also my cousin, and so I know a bit about him, and is marrying my student teacher!!!! Freaky, huh? Anyway, he had a presentation setup about sustainable living, and Eco houses. He told us that an Eco house is a house that is safe with the environment and keeps heat in in the winter, and heat out in the summer. They also should have at least 1 of the following:

Energy Efficiency Waste Management

Passive Solar Design Through Designing In Modules
Avtive Solar Design Recycling While Building
High levels of Insulation Grey Water Systems
Efficient Heating of Air and Water Low Flow Taps And Showers
Thermal Mass
Efficient Lighting

Building Materials

Use of Renewable, NonToxic Materials
Use Of Renewable, Recyclable Materials.
Locally Sourced to Reduce Transport

He also said that when you build or design a house, or building, to keep it warm you should place more windows north, and less facing south. You should also Glaze those windows to keep in heat.
It would be a much better idea to have hanging light bulbs, rather than the kind that sticks to the roof, because you get better insulation with hanging. Douglas Pine is a very good brand to get your wood from. Pine trees are excellent for the house.
A renewable source of energy is a great way to be sustainable, like Solar Power, Hydro Power, or Wind Power!

When designing a house, it is good to put overhangs on the roof as this blocks out the full force of the suns heat.