Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Matai Islands... And the URANIUM

Matai Islands are four very scenic islands which have a human/common animal population of zero.
However, these islands are not to be taken lightly. Each island contains at least one valuable ore or metal including: Island 1 has uranium and limestone, Island 2 has natural gases and iron sand, Island 3 has gold and coal, and Island 3 has diamonds and oil. As you can see, one of the owners are stuck with a highly radioactive substance, URANIUM!!! Unfortunately, because our goofy leader, that's us. And when I say US, I mean the highly sophisticated group of students that may be renamed The Survivors. But have no fear, my friends, because I have a plan! A plan to treat the substance to make it safe to use. Unfortunately, we need new recruits, for we have need of positions including: Architect, to design our new Eco buildings. Technicians that are used to making and fixing with little or sometimes no resources. A miner who is trained in the arts of the ninja, including: unseen movement, scuba diving, and extreme speed and fighting skills. A crew of farmers. Builders, who are used to making Eco houses. Lumberjacks.

We may need more than this, my friends, for there are many things that could go wrong on the island. Including what we dig up on the island, Including the uranium. Please let me know if any of you in my secret group have any ideas or things to add.


  1. Oh, and a crew of scientists, and maybe an inventor.

  2. You're a creative thinker and a talented writer.
    We may have to work together to allow you to express your ideas without stifling your enthusiasm. Remember though - you don't make the rules :-)