Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why be Sustainable?

Sustainability, a key feature in our next generation, is what we need to have now. Sustainability means to make use of our resources and use them wisely, to use our renewable resources rather than our non renewable resources.
But why bother? Our efforts may even be wasted, because not everyone is going to be sustainable. But WE can make that change.

But how? Eco bulbs may not be sustainable because they use mercury, and solar panels only soak up 5% of the available energy from the sun.
We could rely on new technology, like water powered car and motorbike engines, or we could ask our grandparents. They may tell you they didn’t even have cars back then, and they used flame torches for lighting. They might also tell you that they had many resources left, and they didn’t use them up so fast. THIS is how you could help. Also, if you have an open fire, you could install gray water systems, which have water pipes running around and behind your fire, naturally heating the water for your shower.

What‘s going to happen if we don’t be sustainable?
If nobody is sustainable, there are many things that could happen, so I’m just going to go over some of the possibilities. Lakes could dry up, the polar ice caps could melt, causing the oceans to flood and drown us. Even if we don’t drown, we would choke on the gas released from the melting ice, or the gas released from factories, and that’s not even the start of it. And what’s with Computers? Admit it, when it gets slow and outdated, it only a tiny chip that you need to buy, and you can’t replace it, because it is a different shape every year! What a rip-off!

Here are some examples of sustainability: When you go fishing, don’t over fish, and throw the small ones back in so they can grow up to replace the ones you ate for dinner.
When trees are cut down for timber to make things like houses, make sure you replant some so you don’t use all the trees and the ones you plant can grow up to replace the trees you cut down. You could look at alternative renewable sources of power instead of coal, like hydro power, or wind power.

Some things that kids could do are: have a shorter shower, leave the water in the bath for their brother or sister, turn the lights off, recycle, convince people to be sustainable, etc.

So don’t say you’re too young, because by the time you can, and mean it, you can be sustainable.

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