Monday, May 25, 2009

Hydro Engines

If we wanted to bring a quad bike, like someone mentioned today, we could replace the engines with hydro engines. Which are engines which instead of burning fuel, use hydrogen (water) to power a vehicle, e.g. a quad, to a better standard than normal fuel.

'A hydraulic engine which uses liquid fluid as the working medium consists of a housing structure, a liquid fluid inlet passage, a fluid outlet passage, a liquid fluid pump, a fluid actuator, coupling means connecting the two, fluid flow diffusing means, a combustion chamber, an energy exchange zone, a fuel and air supply means, a combustion ignition means, a power takeoff actuator means, a power takeoff means, and a fluid separating means. Liquid fluid enters the engine inlet where it travels to the energy exchange zone. Here exhausted combustion product in the form of a gaseous fluid is introduced into the liquid fluid where it is combined. The mixture is exhausted through the outlet passage of the engine in the form of a liquid fluid-gaseous fluid stream. Upon entering the outlet passage, the mixture is directed to a fluid separating chamber where the working liquid fluid of the engine is separated from the gaseous combustion product. The liquid fluid is then recirculated back to the inlet of the engine to provide a constant liquid fluid source for engine operation.'
- Site of Info

As this idea progress's, I will find out more and if this would be a better idea.

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